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A Birthday Gift for my 10-day Twin January 25, 2009

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A watercolor work of art

"Pointy" -a watercolor work of art by Kristen Janes

Recently, my husband (Matt) suggested I start painting again–since it really is one of my passions and in the past it always made me happy. So, I busted out all of my watercolor paper, watercolors, canvases, acrylic paints, brushes, pencils, bristol board, etc. and just started brainstorming some ideas.  I invited over my fellow artist friend, Hillary, and we motivated each other to start painting.  

My sister’s birthday is next week, so I thought I’d use some of her lovely photography as inspiration for a painting. Thus, “Pointy” was born. This is a photo she took when we were at Monches Farm in Wisconsin with our Mom.  Its some sort of little chubby boy statue that is pointing at its face and just happened to have a bug land on his cheek when she shot the photo. Weird, but cool. The original photo had this random guy in the background, so I edited him out when I did the painting.  I really think the rusting turned out great–it looks very rough in texture (much like rust-duh) which was my goal. 

I am hoping to give this to her this week. I bought mat-board and a frame at Hobby Lobby and cut the mat tonight (I have a bevel-edge matte-cutter at home or course).  

So, to explain the rest of my title to this post, the “10-day twin” thing is in reference to the fact that my sister and I are, as they say, “Irish Twins”. For 10 days every year, we are the same age.  She will be 26 on February 2nd (Groundhog’s Day) and I won’t be 27 until February 12th (Lincoln’s Birthday) so for 10 whole days we are the same age. This used to make for easy party planning on my parents when we were young–they just used to throw one birthday party with all of our friends in the middle of the 10 day span. We have all these photos of a double-trouble Chuck E. Cheese birthday for the both of us.  Good times. 

You can see the framed version I will be giving her for her birthday at our “joint-birthday with our mom dinner” on Saturday at Pappadeaux in Arlington Heights.  I heart Pappadeaux’s Banana Pudding with Nilla Wafers in a jar–one of my favorite desserts of all time!

Here is the final framed version below:


Watercolor painting by Kristen Janes

Watercolor painting by Kristen Janes


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