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More Art that’s All About Chicago! January 26, 2009

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"The City Speaks" by Jennifer Lockwood

"The City Speaks" by Jennifer Lockwood

This poster hangs over my couch and I am constantly asked “where’d you get that?!” so I figured I would share my source! This is a print of a piece by a Wisconsin artist, Jennifer Lockwood it is called “The City Speaks”. It is the Chicago Skyline made up of little clips of paper that she maticulously clipped out of newspapers, advertisements, posters, postcards and anything she could find that had anything Chicago-ish mentioned.  I can look at this for hours trying to see all of the places (some now gone i.e. Marshall Field’s) that are listed among the tiny clippings.  I love these piece.  It is literally all about Chicago and it was done in such an innovative way.  She also offers prints of a Milwaukee street scene and Sailboats on Lake Geneva made in a similar style.


Close up of "The City Speaks"

Close up of "The City Speaks"


2 Responses to “More Art that’s All About Chicago!”

  1. Andy Warner Says:

    Having been born in Evanston and a lover of Chicago, I acquired “The City Speaks” a decade ago. It is one of my favorite pieces of art. Although I have no intention of parting with it, do you have any idea of value?
    Andy Warner

    • kiokreations Says:

      When I bought the new one online it was $30. The old one my ex-boyfriend took a few years ago when we broke up we bought in Chicago for $50–so unless you have Jennifer Lockwood’s actual piece of artwork, I would say the print/poster is only worth at most $50.

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