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Since I’m on an Art Kick: Paintings from Summer ’08 January 29, 2009

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Fountain at Chicago Botanic Garden in watercolor by Kristen Janes

Fountain at Chicago Botanic Garden in watercolor by Kristen Janes

This past summer I did an art show in Galena with my friend, Alexis Fraser, who is another amazing artist friend of mine.  (I have many since I majored in Fine Art in college).  The show was a total bust, meaning, I didn’t sell anything and Alexis barely made her entry fees back, but it did get me painting again this summer at least.  I think this lack of sales in the art market is because of the economy and lack of advertising of the organizers of the events. I mean, everyone is hurting to some degree, and when it comes down to it, wall art is not a necessity–but rather a beautiful thing to add ambiance and/or emotion to your space.  I think food and clothing might rank higher to most than artwork–and thus the low sales this past year.  I anticipate it being just as slow this year–so I think I will pass on doing shows altogether.  I digress.

This first piece was inspired by a photo I took at one of my many trips to the Chicago Botanic Garden.  I love being there, and my favorite garden is the English Walled Garden in which this fountain resides.  I cropped in on its face and did most of the detail work in blues and violets.  I also did the “salt sprinkling” technique in the background circle to get a textured effect.  It turned out really cool, and its one of Matt’s favorite pieces that I’ve ever done.

This next piece was also made in hopes to sell it at the show, but alas, it now hangs on my hallway-to-the-upstairs wall. Its another statue of a young girl with an otter wrapped around her feet. 


Watercolor by Kristen Janes

Watercolor by Kristen Janes


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