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Nocturne Color Palette: an analogous blend from magenta to purple January 30, 2009

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Nocturne Flower Color Palette

Nocturne Flower Color Palette

This is the color palette and assortment of flowers I will be using in my reception floral arrangements.  I love the idea of having black and white everywhere (i.e. attire, linens, etc.) and then pops of color only in the flowers (i.e. centerpieces, bouquet, bouts).  I found the inspiration for this color palette in the 2008-2009 Color Trends Forecast by the California Flower Growers Association.  They referred to it as “Nocturne”.  I love the name, so I kept it…but I omitted some of the flowers that I did not like and I added some that I love–like the BIG violet ones in the center of this collage–VANDA ORCHIDS.  Love them.  They are huge, intensely bright, and covered with weird violet vanes.  Unfortunately, I seldom get to use them as they are very, very expensive.  So are some of the other types above–Cymbidium orchids and Phaleanopsis orchids are both pricey.  Callas, Lisianthus, Freesia and hydrangea are moderately priced; while Mokara orchids & Dendrobium orchids are pretty affordable.  I am also going to include some foliages in the mix such as Ruscus, Bear Grass, Ti Leaf, and regular green Pittosporum.  I have 3 types of centerpieces planned: 1) Short Round full cylinder; 2) 3 varying height cylinders with submerged flowers and floating candles at the top; 3) double silver candlesticks with floral rings and black taper candles.  I also will be doing my bouquet, some bouts and corsages and some bar arrangements and other random floral accents.  It is going to be stunning–and I cannot wait to see it altogether with the lighting of the room and the linens!  Only 28 more days until our reception!

To see/read more about my wedding DIY projects and floral ideas go to our WEDDING WEBSITE and scroll down to the bottom.


2 Responses to “Nocturne Color Palette: an analogous blend from magenta to purple”

  1. Vivian Says:

    I absolutely love your color combination. You’ve given me some great ideas for my wedding!

    • kiokreations Says:

      Steal all the ideas you want–this is what I do for a living–so I like inspiring people with my ideas!

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