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At Last…our Reception has come and gone! March 6, 2009

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The Cake at the Pavilion, originally uploaded by kristenhenschen.

When we decided to bump up our tentatively planned June 2010 wedding to November 14, 2008 with a reception on February, 27, 2009–we had no idea what we were in store for!

The CONS: Receptions and everything leading up to them are expen$ive regardless of if you have your celebration on a Friday night in February (like we did) or not. Sure, we saved some dough (about 10%) by having ours then, but 10% is nothing once you add tax and gratuity–the 2 silent budget killers. Say hello to 25% more cost over all. Ugh. Not fun.
Another con is that Friday night wedding receptions have more no-shows. 14 to be exact in our case. You know who you are! Kidding. But really, 14 people did not come (who replied that they were, in fact, coming) and only 2 of the 14 called that day to tell us they could not make it. Those kind souls aside, 12 people times our per plate cost and we are out over $1k in an economy that is a total nightmare to begin with, let alone with the expense of a wedding being thrown in the mix.
Yet another con–Matt and I got sick. Really sick. The week leading up to the reception we were in upper-respiratory infection hell basically. He was better on the day of the reception, but my illness was 2-days behind his and I was feeling the worst of it that morning. I made the best of it though…and our reception was fabulous in spite of the CONS creeping up.

So…let me tell more about the lovely reception. It was everything I ever dreamed it would be (sans my retched cold) and then some! Details to come in my next post…


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