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Beyond Just a Pond: A Mural for Dylan March 14, 2009

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Dylan Hanging Baby Blocks


Baby Dylan is still on his way but his happy first-time parents, Brian and Karrie Hurley, wanted to welcome him into this world with a newly-painted “Pond-Themed” bedroom.  Karrie (and baby) registered for this cute Pond-themed bedding collection and decided that theme would be appropriate throughout the space.  They already had the walls painted a light green so my job was already a whole lot easier.  I met with them and checked out the space and then did some sketches and a rendering of what parts of the finished room would look like.  I had to sell them on the idea of canvas name “blocks” as apposed to having them painted directly on the wall, but once they saw my rendering, they were sold.  I was so glad!  I spent Thursday and Friday painting the mural for Dylan’s room.  When Karrie came home Friday night, I was just finishing up the final painting for the room, a 16″ x 20″ accent piece to the mural.  She absolutely loved it!  All of it!  Yay!  I am always so pleased when I have happy customers!  I really enjoyed painting this mural and hope to do more soon…hint hint!  Put me to work!


Dylan's Pond

 dragonfly  img_49291







One Response to “Beyond Just a Pond: A Mural for Dylan”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Love the mural! I might just put you to work in a year or so when hopefully, we’ll be decorating our own nursery.

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