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Flowers Make for a Happy Home! March 29, 2009

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img_52222I just did a shower this weekend (photos to come in my next post!) and purchased some extra flowers for my home. I made five centerpieces to decorate my home…and they make me so happy! Flowers breathe life into a space; they add color and an organic quality unmatched by anything else. I just love them!  

While at the wholesaler I looked at different items in the cooler. Saturday is the end of the week, so some of the stuff in the cooler is picked over or a week old. I found fresh blue hydrangea and beautiful pink tulips. I also picked up beargrass and ti leaves as my foliage accents. I love wrapping ti leaves around the inside of vases to hide the stems. The bear grass can be bent and wound to make interesting shapes and it really gives a more modern look to anything add it to. I did very simple “clump” style arrangements (sometimes referred to as the “Martha Stewart Style” which really anyone can do. They are just a cluster one single flower type together in a glass container with a few foliage accents. Nothing overly complicated. In addition to these simple centerpieces, I also made one slightly more complicated with light blue delphinium and curly willow and greens. It has a totally different feel; it is wild and very natural looking.

Art and floral design are truly my two passions and I just really love making new things with my creative talents. I love what I do and I am so glad I get to do creative things every day.  





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