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Jewel Tones: A Color Palette You’ll FALL in love with! April 8, 2009



My latest new client is getting married in September 2010 (an early FALL affair) and we just met today and chose her color palette.  It will be Jewel-tones ranging from a deep, burgundy red to purple/violet with accents of champagne, yellowish gold and blue.  Her venue is one of the most unique ones I have seen–it is the Mayslake Peabody Estate  in Oak Brook.  The venue has a chapel on the grounds that is absolutely breath-taking.  It has this gorgeous mosaic mural on the front that is so bright and just stunning.  You have to see it!  The mansion itself is also stunning, particularly the part of the venue (the Event Hall) she chose to have her reception in.  It has wood-paneled walls going half way up towards the very high ceilings and stained-glass windows that just pop with color.  We chose to do 2 centerpiece styles for the space that play up the rich brown and gold tones of the room while complimenting the colorful stained-glass windows.  One of the styles will be more clean and modern and the other will be more full, fluffy and traditional.  I think the juxtaposition of the two styles will only add to the ambiance.  The bride-to-be and I will be touring the venue together next week–so I will be sure to post any cool images I take of it soon!  I am so excited to do this wedding–but its in a year and a half–so I will just have to wait!  If the estate looks appealing to you, they do estate tours Wednesdays and Saturdays.  I think you can also go there as an artist and paint/draw–at least they have images in their gallery of people doing that.  If I find that this is the case–I can guarantee I will take advantage of that this summer! I love art days spent outside…{smiling with wishful thoughts}


One Response to “Jewel Tones: A Color Palette You’ll FALL in love with!”

  1. MAUREEN Says:

    Stephanie has been a very good friend of mine for over 25 years. I am so excited for her to have the wedding of her dreams. It looks like she has found the florist to help make this dream come true. I love the color palette. They are the perfect colors to represent her vivacious personality. I too will just have to wait to see it all come together.

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