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Kio Kreations goes corporate…with floral designs that is! April 8, 2009



I am now offering floral design for corporate and local businesses.  What is fun about doing orders like the one featured above is they usually are pretty open to anything.  They usually give a budget or sometimes even just say “bill us for whatever it costs” which is pretty fabulous for a creative designer like myself as it makes for fun, innovative design.  For this order for Illinois Business Systems, Inc. (where my husband now works) I had some very typical parameters: maximum size 1 ft wide, 1 ft tall and 3 ft long in bright, spring colors.  The order was placed last minute, (which was fine as it was my idea to make something for their open house in the first place), so I had to rush to the wholesaler and choose from what they had in stock.  I had decided before I got there that I wanted to do a clustering of vases to fill the space.  I did 3 medium sized pieces and 2 small ones as accents. The flowers I chose for the arrangements included bright green Bells of Ireland which have such a unique texture to them, yellow Billy Buttons which are round and sculptural, and my personal favorite–orchids–in 2 varieties: Bom dendrobium and yellow cymbidium. Love them…(which is obvious when you see what I made for my two wedding bouquets!)  I accented all of the pieces with either an Aspidestra leaf wrap or bear grass loops inside along with natural stones. The natural stones are one of my “secret” money-saving floral design tricks: Instead of buying little single bags of river rocks at a craft store, I sometimes buy bags of river rocks at the pet store that are meant for fish tanks instead. They are way cheaper and look virtually the same.  I love how these centerpieces turned out and so did a lot of the people that attended the IBS’s Open House today.  In fact, I have already gotten another order for this weekend–and a ton of people took the business cards that I left out by them. Networking is fun and everyone wins–I make Matt’s new company look good and people see my work and hire me to do flowers for them! 

If you are in need of corporate/business floral I would love to be your florist!  Just let me know the dates and budget and I’ll see what I can do!


One Response to “Kio Kreations goes corporate…with floral designs that is!”

  1. Molly Says:

    I love the colors, also glad to see things are looking up for you with the corporate business and your husband getting a job! congrats

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