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Make Me Over! April 10, 2009


I absolutely love my friend and wedding make-up artist Cynthia Sally.  She really made me look like the best version of myself—twice! (Since I had my ceremony and reception on separate days).

I will never forget the “jaw-on-floor” look on Matt’s face when he saw me for the first time.  I walked up to him as his back was turned wearing my ivory lace wedding gown, bouquet in hand, with the perfect make-up and hair…fulfilling my roll as the blushing bride.  To him, I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and I felt that way too…largely in part to my stunning make-up!

As a pale redhead, I am used to having foundation lines and not having my eyes “pop” in photos. Cynthia completely solved my dilemmas and painted and sculpted my face with her brushes and color palettes. She is a true artist; she kept me looking like myself, freckles and all, which I really appreciated (as did my husband!)  I feel so blessed to have found her, (we used to work together at my previous company in completely unrelated careers), and learned that her passion was make-up artistry.

Upon getting to know Cynthia, I learned that she attended make-up school in Hollywood and while she prefers to do “beauty make-up” she can do anything–even gruesome zombie make-up!!!  Love it!  Another plus is her pricing is also very competitive and she even came to me to do my make-up on my big day/s. Needless to say, I would highly recommend her to other brides-to-be!


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