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Pretty in PURPLE: A Mural for Kasey’s Room April 14, 2009



I just completed another lovely bedroom mural/painting combo for Kasey’s new room. Kasey and her sister Devon no longer have to share a room, and as a result, big sister Kasey got to pick out all of her room decorations, linens and the pretty purple painted walls. She did a great job! It was easy for me to make art to decorate her room.

I started by making a “French Memo Board” out of thick foam core, purple polka-dot fabric, purple grosgrain ribbon and white buttons.  I simply ironed the fabric and then stretched and stapled it around the foam core and then followed that up by stretching ribbons across the whole thing and stapling them in place as I went along. After that, I put a staple at each ribbon intersection point and added one of 3 styles of white buttons to finish off the look. To make it ready to hang I added adhesive hooks and reinforced them with staples and tightened a wire across. The whole D-I-Y process took about 1 hour total. I really love how it turned out and it looks great on the wall of Kasey’s room.

I then made 4 paintings; a “triptych” (a.k.a. trio) of paintings that flow together and could be one painting–but instead they are on separate canvases and hung separately. I also made a fun monogram “K” for Kasey painting that hung from green polka-dot ribbon. For a finished look, I lined all of the canvases with ribbons. They looked great!

The final touches for the room included a tiny faux white ribbon detail over the intercom and of course, the pièce de résistance was painting “Kasey” above the bed to look like winding white ribbons. It turned out so perfect that it literally appears to be popping off the wall. I love it!

Over all, the room turned out fabulous and Patty (Kasey’s Mom) loved it and assured me that Kasey (who was still at school when I painted it) was going to absolutely love it. I love making people happy with my art-especially when they are adorable little kids!


One Response to “Pretty in PURPLE: A Mural for Kasey’s Room”

  1. Patty Hurley Says:

    It’s true! Kasey absolutley loves her room. She has many friends that are bugging their parents for a new room “just like Kasey’s”. Kasey’s sister, Devin, is seething with envy and planning her new “horse room” that we hope Kristen will be doing soon…

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