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Save-the-Date Magnets for Mary Kay & Mike April 25, 2009



I just finished these Save-the-Date magnets for our friends Mary Kay and Mike using their e-pics (for those of you non-brides that means “engagement photos”).
Note, the magenta lines on these are a “designer thang” aka dieline/bleed line and are NOT part of the actual design, they denote where the borders end. The “bleed” is the area beyond the dieline and that typically will get cut off in the printing process but the general rule of thumb with designs that are to be printed is to leave a bleed. Anyways, enough of my design talk…on to a fun game:
Can you guess which 2 they picked to have printed via VistaPrint? 
Top left Color Photo Cubs one; Bottom left sepia-toned more formal one
(Friends will get the color one; family get sepia-toned one)

One Response to “Save-the-Date Magnets for Mary Kay & Mike”

  1. Jackie Grumish Says:

    Ugh. Don’t you hate how cute they are? I’m not going to lie though… I love that I’m getting a Cubs magnet! The only thing that would make it better is if it were the White Sox! 🙂

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