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A Riviera (Country Club) Reception that Rocked! May 30, 2009


The second wedding I did this weekend was for Melissa and Hieu and it was held at Our Lady of the Woods Parish with a reception at the Riviera Country Club in Orland Park. Surprisingly, they had similar colors to the other wedding I did this weekend–but a totally different look and feel was achieved! 

Melissa’s bouquet was fantastic! It was huge and beautiful and full of color and texture. I loved it, she loved it–everyone loved it! The maid of honor and bridesmaid bouquets were made of white hydrangea, white callas and green cymbidium orchids-they also turned out fabulous. The calla bouts for the men in the bridal party were sleek and sophisticated and complimented the girls’ bouquets well. 

For this reception we did 3 types of centerpieces: #1) a bubble bowl with ti-leaf wrap inside and a mixture of white hydrangea, white and purple stock, white and green dendrobium orchids and Bells of Ireland; #2) a trio of cylinders with clusters of white Vendela roses, green button pomps and purple hydrangea; #3) and the final style was something the bride came up with herself: 8 square votive holders with candles arranged in a geometric pattern. All of the centerpieces looked great in the space and worked well with the deep purple overlays on the tables.

For the gift card holder I created my “signature” floral-rimmed large cylinder vase. We also added votives and vases for the bouquets to the head table along with the tossing bouquet.

Melissa and Hieu’s cake was totally unique–covered with raspberries by the bakery and then I added white dendrobium orchid accents to it. It smelled and looked delicious! 






IMG_0046 IMG_0147

IMG_0073 IMG_0092 IMG_0055

IMG_0127 IMG_0165 IMG_0158

IMG_0162 IMG_0011 IMG_0019

IMG_0111 IMG_0116 IMG_0144

IMG_0091 IMG_0067 IMG_0050


A Rustic Reception at the Byron Colby Barn

IMG_0087I just did flowers and decor for Brooke and Brett’s wedding reception at The Byron Colby Barn in Grayslake. This is the 4th time I’ve done an event at this venue and every single one has been completely unique. 

For the flowers we used roses, cymbidium orchids, lisianthus, stock, hydrangea, larkspur, tulips and callas in shades of purple, lavender, green, champagne and ivory. To add to the rustic charm of the barn, we used mason jars as vases and candle holders throughout the space. We did two styles of centerpieces; for the long rectangular tables we did cluster-type arrangements in assorted cylinders and mason jars, and for the round tables at the top of the loft we did round mixed arrangements that held 3 cylinder vases with submerged tulips and floating candles. In addition to the centerpieces, we created a wreath and pomanders suspended from lavender tulle to decorate the large curved wall of the barn, we added floral and candle accents to the highboy tables, gift/memorial table and we put hydrangea on the top of the cake. And of course I cannot forget to mention the bouquets which were just stunning!!!

The couple could not have been happier with how everything turned out–which is always my favorite part of the day! 













IMG_0054 IMG_0026 IMG_0124


IMG_0162 IMG_0001 IMG_0064

IMG_0007 IMG_0044 IMG_0078

IMG_0036 IMG_0081

IMG_0011 IMG_0019 IMG_0084


An Awe-Inspiring Arboretum Club Affair May 23, 2009



I just completed Alice & John’s stunning wedding today. Their ceremony was held at St. Nortbert in Northbrook with a reception at The Arboretum Club in Buffalo Grove. Their colors were white/ivory, green and silver and we used peonies, orchids and callas as the main flowers. The bouquets and personal flowers turned out just perfect and the centerpieces were gorgeous as well. Amy Christian (my wildly talented assistant) and I also had the pleasure of working with 3 of my favorite vendors on this wedding: DOC Amy Vaught of Vaught Events, Photographer Thomas Slack of Slack Photography, and the girls at The Chair Couture. Everything came together perfectly and the couple could not have been happier. I love that…!  “My Amy” took some stunning photos featured above and below this paragraph. She is such a talented photographer and I am so glad to have her by my side at these events; not only is she a great at capturing the details of the day, but she also is the best assistant I’ve ever had and she can do anything creative I ask of her!  We make a great team!


IMG_0006 IMG_0036 IMG_0054

IMG_0128 IMG_0058 IMG_0112

IMG_0082 IMG_0137

IMG_0005 IMG_0027 IMG_0041

IMG_0010 IMG_0062 IMG_0058

Photos by Amy Christian


Junkyard Chic: Thomas Slack Creates Treasure Amongst Trash

My good friend and fellow wedding vendor Thomas Slack of Slack Photography and “atstudio” continues to blow my mind with his photography skills. Simply put, he is an artist. His photos are works of art; he has mastered lighting and composition and is just truly talented. I highly recommend looking at his work which you can see on his website and on his blog. One of his latest endeavors is launching atstudio with fellow photographer Amaris Granado. Atstudio strives to bring a fresh sense of fashion and style to traditional wedding photography.  The below photos were taken by Thomas at a junkyard out here in the ‘burbs somewhere and featured a stunning model and two lovely bouquets I made especially for the shoot. I cannot believe how fabulous they turned out!  I can’t wait to see the rest of them!  


Picture 3 Picture 2

Picture 1 Picture 4


18 Chicago-themed Table Numbers May 20, 2009

IMG_6355 IMG_6359


I just completed an order for 18 Chicago-themed table numbers. They were sepia-toned to go with the dark woods in the client’s venue and mounted on eggplant card stock with pop up easels. She picked a lot of great sites from the list I gave her, and I love how they turned out!


Free Refill…on Flowers that is!

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I had some extra flowers left in the cooler this week so I refilled my next-door-neighbor’s Mother’s Day vase with flowers–hydrangea, tulips and white Casablanca lilies with a black ribbon this time…it looks (and smells) awesome!




Photoshoot Florals May 18, 2009

IMG_6341 IMG_6351


 IMG_6340 IMG_6344


I just created these two bouquets for an editorial bridal photoshoot my friend Thomas Slack of Slack Photography & atstudio set up for tomorrow at a junkyard in the western suburbs. I cannot wait to see the photos Thomas takes! He is soooo unbelievably talented! I will post them later!!!