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Chicago Botanic Garden = LOVE May 5, 2009

img_5816The Chicago Botanic Garden is a visual masterpiece. It’s like a little piece of heaven in the middle of Glencoe right off of Lake Cook Road. 

My sister and I renew our “family” membership every year as this is, and has been, one of our favorite places since we were kids. I’ve volunteered there on a couple of occasions and taught floral design to volunteers participating in their Annual Roadside Flower Sale in the fall.

There are 26 Gardens at CBG, but we all have our favorites…mine include the English Walled Garden, Sensory Garden, Circle Garden, Waterfall Garden, Aquatic Garden and Landscape Garden. I would say there are at least 10 other ones that I love and visit in addition to my favorites every time I visit. 

It is great to go to CBG many times throughout the year, and the gardens change with the seasons and can look completely different in the course of a month. Right now they have tons of bulb flowers like tulips and daffodils scattered about, but those will be swapped out for other annuals by June. 

I usually go there for solace, inspiration and of course to take reference photos so I can later do paintings based on what I’ve seen there. I hope to start a painting next week using my latest art media: GOUACHE! I have never used it, but its like a happy medium between watercolors (my favorite) and acrylics (my second favorite) and it is supposed to be fabulous for doing fine, detailed illustrations/paintings. I will certainly post the results of my new endeavor!








img_5853 img_5805

img_5771 img_5766

 img_5786 img_5890 img_58671

img_57931 img_5843

img_58391 img_5821 img_5932

img_5884 img_5865

img_5881 img_5892 img_5897

All Photos take by ME! I actually used my Macro feature on my point-n-shoot camera and did some fun adjustments in Photoshop to make these POP! 🙂


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