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CANTIGNY: Our Little Piece of Heaven…in Wheaton, Illinois! May 7, 2009

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As some people know, Matt and I had originally been planning our wedding for June of 2010 at the lovely Le Jardin at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois. Long story short, we felt 2010 was too long to wait to get married and had our “Courthouse Chic” wedding instead in November of 2008 with a reception at Meson Sabika this past February. That being said, we still LOVE Cantigny and rank it among our favorite places on earth…our little piece of heaven…in the western suburbs!

The weather was so stunning this afternoon that I felt compelled to stop by Cantigny for some afternoon splendor…I was pleased to see they’ve been working diligently on the gardens and other improvements to the park, and it is just as breathtaking today as all of the other times we’ve gone there. I love that it is only 15 minutes from our home but feels like an entirely different world. A world equipped with a stunning historical mansion, acres of gorgeous gardens and of course, who could forget the tanks?! 

I took a ton of photos today and a lot of them came out great! See the splendor that is CANTIGNY!


IMG_6061 IMG_6056

IMG_5996 IMG_5997

IMG_6005 IMG_5989 IMG_5983

IMG_6025 IMG_5967 IMG_6064

IMG_6048 IMG_6049

IMG_6050 IMG_5973

IMG_5987 IMG_5963 

IMG_6006 IMG_6008

IMG_5994 IMG_6002

IMG_6011 IMG_6023


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