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A Riviera (Country Club) Reception that Rocked! May 30, 2009


The second wedding I did this weekend was for Melissa and Hieu and it was held at Our Lady of the Woods Parish with a reception at the Riviera Country Club in Orland Park. Surprisingly, they had similar colors to the other wedding I did this weekend–but a totally different look and feel was achieved! 

Melissa’s bouquet was fantastic! It was huge and beautiful and full of color and texture. I loved it, she loved it–everyone loved it! The maid of honor and bridesmaid bouquets were made of white hydrangea, white callas and green cymbidium orchids-they also turned out fabulous. The calla bouts for the men in the bridal party were sleek and sophisticated and complimented the girls’ bouquets well. 

For this reception we did 3 types of centerpieces: #1) a bubble bowl with ti-leaf wrap inside and a mixture of white hydrangea, white and purple stock, white and green dendrobium orchids and Bells of Ireland; #2) a trio of cylinders with clusters of white Vendela roses, green button pomps and purple hydrangea; #3) and the final style was something the bride came up with herself: 8 square votive holders with candles arranged in a geometric pattern. All of the centerpieces looked great in the space and worked well with the deep purple overlays on the tables.

For the gift card holder I created my “signature” floral-rimmed large cylinder vase. We also added votives and vases for the bouquets to the head table along with the tossing bouquet.

Melissa and Hieu’s cake was totally unique–covered with raspberries by the bakery and then I added white dendrobium orchid accents to it. It smelled and looked delicious! 






IMG_0046 IMG_0147

IMG_0073 IMG_0092 IMG_0055

IMG_0127 IMG_0165 IMG_0158

IMG_0162 IMG_0011 IMG_0019

IMG_0111 IMG_0116 IMG_0144

IMG_0091 IMG_0067 IMG_0050


One Response to “A Riviera (Country Club) Reception that Rocked!”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I Love the stephanotis touches in the brides bouquet, very elegant!

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