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Are you Artsy? Enter P.A.C.E. with Me! June 3, 2009

Picture 1


Above you can see the POSTCARD that I entered for the last PACE competition that got into their traveling exhibition. The show traveled for over a year and my postcard was shown in a bunch of different museums–so that’s cool. I also sold one of the other postcards I entered that time for $50 too! Not to shabby. I plan to enter 3-5 this time around. I encourage all other artists and photographers to check it enter!!! 🙂


2 Responses to “Are you Artsy? Enter P.A.C.E. with Me!”

  1. ivy Says:

    i love your postcard! well done!
    i am interested in this competiton too~
    but im wondering how did you mount your work?
    did you make your own matte board?


    • kiokreations Says:

      The rules are on their website, they are to be mounted with white 8×10 mat board cut to 4×6 opening (vertical or horizontal)

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