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Go to KIOKREATIONS.COM for info + updates! October 15, 2009

My website is going strong–but sometimes if you Google me, this site (my old blog) comes up first. No biggie…just go to and find out more about our many creative services (including floral design and graphic design).

I can also be reached via email by going to this contact page.

Some of the things we’ve been up to include the following:

My upcoming Floral Design Classes

learn floral design2

And we have the LOVE BREWS Wedding Event coming up in February 2010:

love brews std

And of course, we just completed another fabulous wedding!

fall in love

Can’t get enough of Kio Kreations?! Well…click below to:

  • Keep up with us on our website!
  • Become a fan of Kio Kreations on Facebook!
  • Check us out on ETSY!
  • Look at our ZAZZLE products!

Thank you for your support!


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