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What is Kio Kreations?

Kio Kreations is an all-encompassing creative services company. Started by Kristen Janes (formerly Kristen Henschen) in 2004, Kio Kreations has grown to include floral design, graphic design, product design, fine art, and other creative services. We have quickly become one of the highest-rated independent florists in the Chicagoland. We also design oodles of fun things for sale on ETSY and ZAZZLE. We design lots of stuff for corporate & private clients and also teach art and floral design lessons. We really are an all-encompassing creative services company!


18 Chicago-themed Table Numbers May 20, 2009

IMG_6355 IMG_6359


I just completed an order for 18 Chicago-themed table numbers. They were sepia-toned to go with the dark woods in the client’s venue and mounted on eggplant card stock with pop up easels. She picked a lot of great sites from the list I gave her, and I love how they turned out!


Table Numbers that Tantalize May 11, 2009



I am a big fan of making your wedding day totally unforgettable and UNIQUE. So it should be no surprise that I absolutely love when couples have themed table numbers!

Many of my clients have asked me to design table numbers for them that are unique and befitting their joyous event. I have had many requests for Chicago-themed table numbers, but I also get requests to reformat actual client photos which typically requires some editing/cropping, and/or change images to B&W or Sepia-tone, and addition of number/name over photo. Examples of these “client-provided photo” ones include the color photos of signs mounted on black cardstock were photos taken by the bride and then I cropped, color-corrected and overlayed text that mimicked the text in the signs themselves, then printed and mounted them to cardstock and attached a self-adhesive easel to the back of them. Also client-provided were the sepia-toned couple photos mounted on purple cardstock. These were photos taken of the couple on various trips and vacations and I just had to adjust the contrast, crop, overlay text and then print, mount and attach easel. For one of my ETSY clients I did 30 Broadway show poster-themed ones and another ETSY client requested cities they’ve visited to be featured. One of my favorite sets of custom table numbers were the wine bottle labels I made for a client that was having a Wine-Themed wedding (we even included the menu on the other side of the bottle). I also made really unique ones for my own wedding: they were round table numbers (8) with art terms and (8) with music terms and their definitions in our fonts and colors displayed on stands I made myself using wire and beads. They were a huge hit and not only did they teach our friends and family the definitions of some of the words that in fact, define us, but they also added to the ambiance rather than taking away from it. That is key when making these…the table numbers have to fit in with the rest of your decor. This includes not only you overall theme/color scheme, but also your lighting, linens, centerpieces, place-settings, escort cards, favors, etc. Well-coordinated decor makes for a beautiful and unforgettable ambiance.


IMG_4979 3237579819_537cb58dca

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“THANK YOU” for being an easy D-I-Y Project! April 30, 2009

I also just finished painting these “THANK” and “YOU” signs for Lori’s wedding tomorrow…they will be held by the couple during the post-nuptials photoshoot with the hopes of capturing some fabulous images of the couple holding the Thank You signs that can go onto the Thank You cards they will send out post-wedding.

Matt and I did something similar for ours (see below)–but I just carried a piece of blank white foam core and then digitally added text later. Everyone thought it was the coolest thing in the whole world…little did they know how easy it was to do!




“Today I Marry My Best Friend…”

I just finished painting Lori’s aisle runner for her wedding tomorrow.
She wanted this quote:

“Today I marry my best friend,
the one I laugh with,
live for, dream with, love”


I have actually had a couple of other brides ask for the same quote on their runners–it must be pretty popular! 


A Walk Down the Aisle (Runner) April 29, 2009

IMG_5612, originally uploaded by kristenhenschen.

I just completed another aisle runner last night. This one is for Christina, a Chicagoland Area bride that found my runners on my ETSY site. Christina’s colors are canary yellow and ivory, which actually show up quite well against the subtle damask pattern on the runner. I love how it turned out–and more importantly-so does the Bride!


img_5606 img_5607


Pretty in PURPLE: A Mural for Kasey’s Room April 14, 2009



I just completed another lovely bedroom mural/painting combo for Kasey’s new room. Kasey and her sister Devon no longer have to share a room, and as a result, big sister Kasey got to pick out all of her room decorations, linens and the pretty purple painted walls. She did a great job! It was easy for me to make art to decorate her room.

I started by making a “French Memo Board” out of thick foam core, purple polka-dot fabric, purple grosgrain ribbon and white buttons.  I simply ironed the fabric and then stretched and stapled it around the foam core and then followed that up by stretching ribbons across the whole thing and stapling them in place as I went along. After that, I put a staple at each ribbon intersection point and added one of 3 styles of white buttons to finish off the look. To make it ready to hang I added adhesive hooks and reinforced them with staples and tightened a wire across. The whole D-I-Y process took about 1 hour total. I really love how it turned out and it looks great on the wall of Kasey’s room.

I then made 4 paintings; a “triptych” (a.k.a. trio) of paintings that flow together and could be one painting–but instead they are on separate canvases and hung separately. I also made a fun monogram “K” for Kasey painting that hung from green polka-dot ribbon. For a finished look, I lined all of the canvases with ribbons. They looked great!

The final touches for the room included a tiny faux white ribbon detail over the intercom and of course, the pièce de résistance was painting “Kasey” above the bed to look like winding white ribbons. It turned out so perfect that it literally appears to be popping off the wall. I love it!

Over all, the room turned out fabulous and Patty (Kasey’s Mom) loved it and assured me that Kasey (who was still at school when I painted it) was going to absolutely love it. I love making people happy with my art-especially when they are adorable little kids!