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Kio Kreations is an all-encompassing creative services company. Started by Kristen Janes (formerly Kristen Henschen) in 2004, Kio Kreations has grown to include floral design, graphic design, product design, fine art, and other creative services. We have quickly become one of the highest-rated independent florists in the Chicagoland. We also design oodles of fun things for sale on ETSY and ZAZZLE. We design lots of stuff for corporate & private clients and also teach art and floral design lessons. We really are an all-encompassing creative services company!


ATSTUDIO Junkyard Chic Fine Art Photography June 9, 2009

Something really can be said for fine photography, it makes ‘everyday’ into art…
I love Thomas Slack’s photography because it is just that, ART. Below are all of the best shots from the Junkyard photoshoot I made bouquets for.



0004 0016 0006

0019 0024 0001

All photos taken by Thomas Slack of Slack Photography


More Stunning Thomas Slack/AT Studio Junkyard Shots June 5, 2009

I just had to post these new ones Thomas has on his blog, they rock…starring this pretty girl and of course, my bouquets!!! 


Slack Photography and AT STUDIO rock! 🙂


Are you Artsy? Enter P.A.C.E. with Me! June 3, 2009

Picture 1


Above you can see the POSTCARD that I entered for the last PACE competition that got into their traveling exhibition. The show traveled for over a year and my postcard was shown in a bunch of different museums–so that’s cool. I also sold one of the other postcards I entered that time for $50 too! Not to shabby. I plan to enter 3-5 this time around. I encourage all other artists and photographers to check it enter!!! 🙂


Junkyard Chic: Thomas Slack Creates Treasure Amongst Trash May 23, 2009

My good friend and fellow wedding vendor Thomas Slack of Slack Photography and “atstudio” continues to blow my mind with his photography skills. Simply put, he is an artist. His photos are works of art; he has mastered lighting and composition and is just truly talented. I highly recommend looking at his work which you can see on his website and on his blog. One of his latest endeavors is launching atstudio with fellow photographer Amaris Granado. Atstudio strives to bring a fresh sense of fashion and style to traditional wedding photography.  The below photos were taken by Thomas at a junkyard out here in the ‘burbs somewhere and featured a stunning model and two lovely bouquets I made especially for the shoot. I cannot believe how fabulous they turned out!  I can’t wait to see the rest of them!  


Picture 3 Picture 2

Picture 1 Picture 4


Photoshoot Florals May 18, 2009

IMG_6341 IMG_6351


 IMG_6340 IMG_6344


I just created these two bouquets for an editorial bridal photoshoot my friend Thomas Slack of Slack Photography & atstudio set up for tomorrow at a junkyard in the western suburbs. I cannot wait to see the photos Thomas takes! He is soooo unbelievably talented! I will post them later!!!


The Amazing Mayslake Peabody Estate May 5, 2009


I just went to the Mayslake Peabody Estate again with my friend Hillary to shoot some spring blossom photos. Mayslake is in Oakbrook and is part of the Dupage County Forest Preserve. The grounds of this estate are just gorgeous and include a mansion, chapel, outdoor stage, indoor theatre, indoor reception venues, simple outdoor gardens, acres of trees and lush grass and it all backs up to a tranquil pond.  Its literally picture-perfect! And bonus, they have an art show there annually too! 

My favorite part of this place has got to be the mosaic on the outside of the chapel.  Its so stunningly bright I just love it. I cannot wait until fall of 2010 when one of my Brides is getting married here…! I think this place is one of Dupage County’s best-kept secrets!  Its a must-see for sure! 

They have events there often, from art festivals to Shakespeare in the Park type shows. I will surely be going back there many, many more times! I still have to take the tour of the mansion and restorations they are doing and I will attend the art show there in July to see what that is all about. Fun fun fun!






 img_5689 img_5702

branch blossom2


Pretty in PURPLE: A Mural for Kasey’s Room April 14, 2009



I just completed another lovely bedroom mural/painting combo for Kasey’s new room. Kasey and her sister Devon no longer have to share a room, and as a result, big sister Kasey got to pick out all of her room decorations, linens and the pretty purple painted walls. She did a great job! It was easy for me to make art to decorate her room.

I started by making a “French Memo Board” out of thick foam core, purple polka-dot fabric, purple grosgrain ribbon and white buttons.  I simply ironed the fabric and then stretched and stapled it around the foam core and then followed that up by stretching ribbons across the whole thing and stapling them in place as I went along. After that, I put a staple at each ribbon intersection point and added one of 3 styles of white buttons to finish off the look. To make it ready to hang I added adhesive hooks and reinforced them with staples and tightened a wire across. The whole D-I-Y process took about 1 hour total. I really love how it turned out and it looks great on the wall of Kasey’s room.

I then made 4 paintings; a “triptych” (a.k.a. trio) of paintings that flow together and could be one painting–but instead they are on separate canvases and hung separately. I also made a fun monogram “K” for Kasey painting that hung from green polka-dot ribbon. For a finished look, I lined all of the canvases with ribbons. They looked great!

The final touches for the room included a tiny faux white ribbon detail over the intercom and of course, the pièce de résistance was painting “Kasey” above the bed to look like winding white ribbons. It turned out so perfect that it literally appears to be popping off the wall. I love it!

Over all, the room turned out fabulous and Patty (Kasey’s Mom) loved it and assured me that Kasey (who was still at school when I painted it) was going to absolutely love it. I love making people happy with my art-especially when they are adorable little kids!


Art In Bloom at MAM = Eye Candy & Inspiration Galore! April 6, 2009



My sister sent me a link to this event at the Milwaukee Art Museum called “Art in Bloom” that was right up my alley. It was a 4-day floral event in which different florists and event companies in the Milwaukee area created a floral arrangement inspired by a piece of art at the museum. These photos are some of my favorites from the show. I attended the show with my husband, Matt, and my friend Grace, who is also an indie florist like me. We both really enjoyed the show and we hope to attend it for years to come…maybe we can even be participants one day!  




Beyond Just a Pond: A Mural for Dylan March 14, 2009

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Dylan Hanging Baby Blocks


Baby Dylan is still on his way but his happy first-time parents, Brian and Karrie Hurley, wanted to welcome him into this world with a newly-painted “Pond-Themed” bedroom.  Karrie (and baby) registered for this cute Pond-themed bedding collection and decided that theme would be appropriate throughout the space.  They already had the walls painted a light green so my job was already a whole lot easier.  I met with them and checked out the space and then did some sketches and a rendering of what parts of the finished room would look like.  I had to sell them on the idea of canvas name “blocks” as apposed to having them painted directly on the wall, but once they saw my rendering, they were sold.  I was so glad!  I spent Thursday and Friday painting the mural for Dylan’s room.  When Karrie came home Friday night, I was just finishing up the final painting for the room, a 16″ x 20″ accent piece to the mural.  She absolutely loved it!  All of it!  Yay!  I am always so pleased when I have happy customers!  I really enjoyed painting this mural and hope to do more soon…hint hint!  Put me to work!


Dylan's Pond

 dragonfly  img_49291