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Floral Design Classes November 17, 2009

Sign up for floral design classes given by ME at the Naperville Art League. Registration has already begun for these totally awesome (and affordable) 6-week winter courses.


ATSTUDIO Junkyard Chic Fine Art Photography June 9, 2009

Something really can be said for fine photography, it makes ‘everyday’ into art…
I love Thomas Slack’s photography because it is just that, ART. Below are all of the best shots from the Junkyard photoshoot I made bouquets for.



0004 0016 0006

0019 0024 0001

All photos taken by Thomas Slack of Slack Photography


My Young Padawan Makes Me Proud June 1, 2009


My “Padawan” (aka Associate Events Coordinator/Wedding Assistant) Amy Christian is wildly talented at photography, graphic design and now FLORAL DESIGN as well! We’ve been working together for over a year now and in that time she’s really learned a lot about floral design: balance, texture, mechanics…I am so proud of her! Below are some of her arrangements that were made after the wedding double-header we just had. 

I will be teaching floral design classes this winter through the Naperville Park District…I am sure I will Blog about that closer to the time…should be fun! 🙂 For now I take pleasure in showing Amy more tricks of the trade so she can add another creative skill to her repertoire.


IMG_0003 IMG_0005 IMG_0011

Floral Arrangements AND Photos by Amy Christian of AC Design and Photography.

For those who don’t love Star Wars, a Padawan is essentially a Jedi Apprentice…so I would be the Jedi Knight of floral design…and she is in the process of becoming one! I know, total nerd…whatever. I love Star Wars…Do you know what the chances of successfully navigating an astroid field are? I do!!!! 🙂



Answer: 3,720 to 1


A Beautiful Boutique Hotel Wedding in Evanston April 25, 2009

img_0004Nora and Phil’s wedding was held in Evanston at St. Athanasius Parish with a reception at the posh Hotel Orrington. Their colors were Navy blue, bright pink, silver, lavender and ivory. I used a variety of flowers for the affair including roses, tulips, peonies, stock, hydrangea, orchids, and delphinium with foliage accents of pitt and ivy. 

Nora’s ivory bouquet was made of Vendela Roses, Peonies and French Tulips with accents of bling. I wrapped her handle in a piece of her Grandmother’s wedding dress and added a crystal bouquet bracelet to complete the look.  The bridesmaids wore navy blue dresses, so we went with something that would contrast for their bouquets: pink roses and tulips in white hydrangea. The bouquets really popped off of their dresses and the navy satin-wrapped handles blended perfectly with their dresses. I love these bouquets…

For the ceremony, I made a monogrammed aisle runner for Nora and Phil that turned out great (see last image below).

For the reception floral, the centerpieces were designed around these garden orbs her mom found for roughly $5 each! Check them out! 

The escort card table arrangement I made turned out awesome-I hope to make more like this for altarpieces in the future. We also did little accents for the highboy and cabaret tables at the cocktail hour…candles really add so much to any ambiance!

I really loved working with Nora and her mom, Kathy, throughout the planning process.  And oh, yeah–A totally cute fact about the couple: Nora and Phil have a really unique dating story…they met at “Dating for Nerds” over a game of Apples to Apples and have been together ever since. They were the first couple t0 get engaged (and now married) that met at one of the DFN events and they have been featured on WTTW and other TV programs as well as in numerous newspaper articles!  They are famous nerds who found love–how awesome is that?!


img_0013 img_0015 img_0022

img_0059 img_0067 img_0097img_0071 img_0103 img_0063 img_0138 img_0110 img_0147

img_5540 img_0062

All images taken by my fabulous assistant, Amy Christian. She is the best! Her talents include photography, graphic design and she has been learning floral design lately too.  Click her name above to see her website!


A Delicious Modern-Vintage Color Palette April 17, 2009



I recently met with a new client, Rhonda, who I totally love! Her wedding style is “Modern Vintage” and the colors she chose are quite literally delicious: plum, eggplant, cream and chocolate. Rhonda’s vintage touches include some delicate ostrich plume accents scattered throughout the wedding as hair accents, boutonnieres and of course, in the bouquet in am designing for her. We are going with a mixed look with a surround of wispy feathers around the brim of the bouquet.  I will also be doing some lovely “wrist band” florals for the Mothers and Grandmothers. “Wrist Bands” are the NEW wrist corsages! They combine ribbons and lush floral and function more like a bracelet and less like a cliche prom wrist corsage. Rhonda will be DIY-ing some fabulous plumage boutonnieres for the men in the wedding and we practiced making them the day we met with brown floral tape and some feathers I just happened to have in my basement-o-floral design supplies. The quick mock-up we did looked great and I am sure when she makes them with actual ostrich feathers they will be just stunning. She also mentioned her bridesmaids are carrying feather boas and I think they are incorporating feathers into the centerpieces as well.

On a side note: The “feather bouquet collar” effect I am doing for Rhonda’s bouquet is a VERY European look and as we designers know, with fashion and design (including floral design), Europe is usually at least a year or 2 ahead of us! I can happily report that I have been getting more Brides on board with some of the Euro trends as well, from the slightly dangly “simple dangle of flowers” bouquets to the clustered, textured look for bouquets and centerpieces. I love being on the cusp of trend (at least here in the U.S.) and holding my own with the looks the higher-end floral shops in the city currently implement.  

Anyways, back to Rhonda’s delicious color palette–I absolutely love these tones for her early December wedding and cannot wait to see how it all comes together. I think it will be so classy, chic and maybe just a little bit yummy too!


Jewel Tones: A Color Palette You’ll FALL in love with! April 8, 2009



My latest new client is getting married in September 2010 (an early FALL affair) and we just met today and chose her color palette.  It will be Jewel-tones ranging from a deep, burgundy red to purple/violet with accents of champagne, yellowish gold and blue.  Her venue is one of the most unique ones I have seen–it is the Mayslake Peabody Estate  in Oak Brook.  The venue has a chapel on the grounds that is absolutely breath-taking.  It has this gorgeous mosaic mural on the front that is so bright and just stunning.  You have to see it!  The mansion itself is also stunning, particularly the part of the venue (the Event Hall) she chose to have her reception in.  It has wood-paneled walls going half way up towards the very high ceilings and stained-glass windows that just pop with color.  We chose to do 2 centerpiece styles for the space that play up the rich brown and gold tones of the room while complimenting the colorful stained-glass windows.  One of the styles will be more clean and modern and the other will be more full, fluffy and traditional.  I think the juxtaposition of the two styles will only add to the ambiance.  The bride-to-be and I will be touring the venue together next week–so I will be sure to post any cool images I take of it soon!  I am so excited to do this wedding–but its in a year and a half–so I will just have to wait!  If the estate looks appealing to you, they do estate tours Wednesdays and Saturdays.  I think you can also go there as an artist and paint/draw–at least they have images in their gallery of people doing that.  If I find that this is the case–I can guarantee I will take advantage of that this summer! I love art days spent outside…{smiling with wishful thoughts}


Kio Kreations goes corporate…with floral designs that is!



I am now offering floral design for corporate and local businesses.  What is fun about doing orders like the one featured above is they usually are pretty open to anything.  They usually give a budget or sometimes even just say “bill us for whatever it costs” which is pretty fabulous for a creative designer like myself as it makes for fun, innovative design.  For this order for Illinois Business Systems, Inc. (where my husband now works) I had some very typical parameters: maximum size 1 ft wide, 1 ft tall and 3 ft long in bright, spring colors.  The order was placed last minute, (which was fine as it was my idea to make something for their open house in the first place), so I had to rush to the wholesaler and choose from what they had in stock.  I had decided before I got there that I wanted to do a clustering of vases to fill the space.  I did 3 medium sized pieces and 2 small ones as accents. The flowers I chose for the arrangements included bright green Bells of Ireland which have such a unique texture to them, yellow Billy Buttons which are round and sculptural, and my personal favorite–orchids–in 2 varieties: Bom dendrobium and yellow cymbidium. Love them…(which is obvious when you see what I made for my two wedding bouquets!)  I accented all of the pieces with either an Aspidestra leaf wrap or bear grass loops inside along with natural stones. The natural stones are one of my “secret” money-saving floral design tricks: Instead of buying little single bags of river rocks at a craft store, I sometimes buy bags of river rocks at the pet store that are meant for fish tanks instead. They are way cheaper and look virtually the same.  I love how these centerpieces turned out and so did a lot of the people that attended the IBS’s Open House today.  In fact, I have already gotten another order for this weekend–and a ton of people took the business cards that I left out by them. Networking is fun and everyone wins–I make Matt’s new company look good and people see my work and hire me to do flowers for them! 

If you are in need of corporate/business floral I would love to be your florist!  Just let me know the dates and budget and I’ll see what I can do!