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Makin’ Monograms May 6, 2009



I just completed some monogram options for one of my clients and I really love a lot of the ones I came up with. I am not sure which one I would pick if I was her–which is good and bad I suppose!!  She is having deep red/berry and taupe as her colors with an underlying damask theme throughout. I can’t wait to see it all come together!  Apparently I will have to wait until August 1st (hence the date in the monograms!)


Monogrammed Aisle Runners…with DIY directions! January 24, 2009


One of my wedding services is designing monogrammed aisle runners for brides.  I start by getting the information that the couple wants to be part of the monogram.  This can include last initial, wedding date, first names, symbols, etc.  After that, I design 6-10 monogram options and have the couple pick one.  Then I am ready to start the printing of it.  I size it large in Adobe Illustrator and then piece-print it to scale (I usually end up with 6-10 sheets that I tape together.  I then place the printed part in the center of my table, attach with masking tape, and cover with wax paper which is also taped down.  I begin painting the largest parts first, and then go in with a fine brush or paint marker for the details.  I allow it to dry overnight and then roll it back up and set it aside in a plastic bag if its for a local wedding or a large box if it is to be shipped. I just sent one to Brooklyn, NY in fact.  I currently use 2 types of aisle runner; they are both white mirco-fiber with a subtle pattern on them.  One has daisies and its softer and the other has damask and feels more like a dryer sheet but still works well.  I think the damask looks a little more formal–but they are both nice.  I have been doing a lot of these lately and feel like I get better and better with each one I do, and I’ve found ways of improving my painting techniques on them as well.

Here are some samples of them:


See more HERE!

Feel free to contact my if you are interested in having a monogrammed runner designed or if you have more questions about DIY-ing your own!